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Learning Addiction - The Scientific Explanation

Continuing the theme of ‘learning addiction’ I have been developing (1, 2, 3, 4), it is interesting to see medical science furthering our understanding of why our brains are wired for that (Seeking: How the brain hard-wires us to love Google, Twitter, and texting. And why that’s dangerous). I guess it should be no surprise […]

How Podcasts and Other Media Feed Learning Addiction

In a recent series of blog posts (1, 2, 3) I talked about the concept of ‘learning addiction’, and that for some people, it can be very tempting to continue acquiring vast quantities of knowlege far and beyond any practical abaility to apply it. Unfortunately, I guess this hilights a problem with podcasts – there […]

Research Shows Multitasking Makes you Dumb

I think I can now shed a little light on part of a quote from this previous post (from a Time Magazine article): …students remember just 20% of the content of class lectures a week later… It seems that research has revealed that multitasking makes you dumb. Once you have read the quotes below, you […]

Learning Addiction in the Context of Greek Philosophy

In my last post, I mentioned the idea of ‘learning addiction’: …with the continual increase in knowledge (and technology) production, and such ready access to it (via the internet etc), I am seeing a form of ‘learning addiction’ arise, for example, in people that are subscribed to 600 blogs, or in my case, a ‘healthy’ […]

Figuring out This World, and Another, and Another

I just listened to a free Audible interview with Ben Bova and Orson Scott Card, in which something interesting bubbled up that seemed relevant to my last post. A third party had made the comment that Science Fiction is “a fringe genre read only be teens and techo-nerds”, which prompted the question “do you think […]

A World of Quotations

Though I stubled upon it completely independently, this Quotation Search tool is of a similar theme, and could have similar application to my previous post. Wow. That has to be my shortest post ever.

A World of Acronyms

I stumbled upon an interesting Acronym Search tool today that I thought had interesting potential uses in the classroom. I guess I am just one of those (annoying?) guys who likes making acronyms, so seeing what is already out there also has some appeal. But I know that I am not alone and suspect that this […]

A Great Discussion on Media Literacy

In the spirit of the blogosphere philosophy of ‘filtering’ and helping the cream rise to the top, I thought I wanted to mention the podcast discussion on 21st Century Learing #30: Media Literacy. The shownotes describe it as “A amazing conversation with With Adam Kenner and Sheryl Rivera from Horace Mann School and the Action Coalition for Media Education New York Chapter. This is a must […]

Memorable Quotes from a NECC Live Discussion

Its great to see the NECC Conference releasing stuff to the wider world that cannot make it to the conference. In NECC Live 2006 (only 2007 content is currently available), the item called “One Laptop Per Child: Hope or Hype?” had a number of interesting comments that I have transcribed below. The three pannelists were: Ian Jukes […]

What Archival CD/DVD Media to Use?

I’m sure almost all of us make backups to CD or DVD – if you don’t you should! And I’m guessing almost all of you hope that data will still be there when you go back to it. If so, you’ll probably appreciate this good blog post on the topic. While it is informative, it […]

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