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Imaginality - Inner Earth and Volcanoes

Imaginality :: Kiosk :: Book :: Inner Earth and Volcanoes
Status: Complete

Solar System BrowserImaginality - Where Imagination Meets Reality

Imaginality makes virtual, educationally oriented, 3D objects appear in the real world, attached to real objects like cards, the pages of a book or the chest of your friend. Looking through an Imaginality Visor reveals 3D objects that excel at teaching spatial, temporal and contextual knowledge.

Volcanoes Overview

Imaginality Inner Earth and Volcanoes is an interactive experience that teaches people about volcanoes, including details on tectonic plates, subduction, rifts, the Ring of Fire, volcano formation and of course, eruptions. It is based on a 6-page book, where each page provides a page of accessible text and an interactive activity. When users view the book through the Imaginality Visor provided, 3D objects leap out of the pages and come to life. The book can easily be rotated and examined up close to reveal details such as flows of magma and forces applied to the Earth’s crust.

People can then use an interactive slider that allows them to progress through events at their own pace. For example, as they move the slider up, they can watch the different ways that volcanoes can form, can move two tectonic plates against eachother and see what happens, or they can progress through the different stages that lead up to the eruption of Mount St Helens.

Each page includes stimulating sound effects and a series of narrated questions that encourage the student to read the accompanying page of text.In this way, the Imaginality experience is not only fun and motivating for the student, it is also very successful at illustrating spatial and contextual relationships.


Solar System BuilderThe technology used in the Imaginality products is called 'Augmented Reality', which involves the placement of virtual, 3D objects on the real world. The Imaginality product range specialises in applying Augmented Reality to education in Science Centres and Museums, school classrooms and the home. Imaginality Kiosks have been experienced and tested by thousands of people around the world in a number of science centres, museums, libraries and trade expos. A small, portable version of the Imaginality Kiosks, called Imaginality Unleashed can be taken home or into schools to help build connections between students and outreach centres.

Once the equipment has been purchased, it can be used with new themes and content in the future, making full use of the investment for years to come. See the other Imaginality documentation for further details, additional Imaginality experiences and merchandising opportunities.

This activity was originally developed with HITLabNZ for Science Alive!

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