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MindSpace offers a range of solutions, some of which are services and some of which are products.

Solutions: Services

In addition to developing independent solutions, MindSpace also offers project management, consulting and development services, specialising in:

  • Video and Multimedia Services - Recording, digitising, archiving and distributing video of seminars, lectures, conferences and corporate training. Also enriching this content with 2D animation, 3D animation, editing and video effects.
  • Technology consultancy and development (software and hardware).
  • Multimedia consultancy, design and development (video, animation, 2D and 3D interactives).
  • Business consultancy and development (business development, project management and commercialisation).
  • Education (consultancy, writing and research), especially with regards to technology and multimedia.

Solutions: Products

In accordance with its core values, MindSpace has identified thirteen opportunities, developed five prototypes, is commercialising three of these and is offering three completed solutions.

Image created by PaintSpace - another MindSpace SolutionWherever possible, these are listed below, but some are not listed as they are still confidential. As development of the website continues, more information will become available.

Solutions: Products: Complete
  • Video Presentation Pack. Presents video content created in the services above over the internet or on CD/DVD. This pack is easy to use and plays automatically on Windows, Macintosh and Linux without needing to install any software.
  • X-Stream. Any type of stream, any number of streams, including video, animations and slides of seminars, lectures, industrial training or promotional material, all playing simultaneously.
  • GamED is focused on developing 2D educational software that allows students to learn by doing and exploring in a guided way.
  • Imaginality Kiosks. Imaginality is a revolutionary concept that makes virtual, 3D objects appear in the real world, attached to real objects like books, the floor or the chest of your friend. These engaging, robust kiosks can be highly interactive and excel at conveying spatial, temporal and contextual concepts.
  • 3D Content Development Kit for Imaginality.
  • PaintSpace. A unique artistic concept realised with a proprietary 3D development tool to produce a series of 2D and 3D artworks. Examples are featured above and throughout the website.
Solutions: Products: Commercialisation
  • Imaginality Unleashed. Building on the the Imaginality concept by making content available as affordable, take-home activities.
  • Imaginality Binocular Stations. A new, exciting form of Imaginality Kiosk.
  • JoySpace.


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